Underwater tennis center, bio mimicry and office space evolution?

Krótka relacja z konferencji Leaders in Architecture, która odbyła się na początku czerwca w Warszawie. 

Following a very successful first day, the second day of the Leaders in Architecture CEE/ CIS summit promises to be just as enticing. With thought provoking discussions that will be more technical in nature than the first day, the event seeks to expose business opportunities, encourage collaborations and showcase all the talent that local and international architects have to offer.
Highlights of the first day included a lecture on “Master Planning for cities” by Mr Robert Kaminski, the Director of Architecture for Broadway Malyan. The discussion dealt with the issues facing many individual developers not collaborating together to work on the bigger picture and showed ways in which a little future planning can go a long way into building better cities. Things went all green when Mr Rudi Scheuermann, the Director of ARUP, showcased an interesting presentation on how to make cities healthier and more sustainable by incorporating mother nature into them, this included an interesting visual slideshow of how Manchester city would look like if it had been developed with green roofs and algae facades.
The most heated debate of the summit so far was most definitely the panel discussion that was headed by Mr. Krzysztof Kotala, the founder of 8 plus 8; Robert Kaminski and Katarzyna Chwalbińska-Kusek, the Marketing & Business Development Manager for BuroHappold Engineering. Katarzyna took the lead by provoking the panellists and educating the audience on the importance of the marketing role in building a firm’s success. Today’s agenda promises to be just as enlightening with topics ranging from incorporating bio mimicry in architecture, how office space will evolve to allow for more productivity and happier workers, all the way to a presentation of an underwater tennis center. These discussions will play a vital in role sharing ideas, learning new techniques and exploring the potential that the CEE CIS region has to offer.


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